Monday, 5 September 2011

what i am going to miss about home.....

this little boy is going to be so big at christmas...will miss him tons

cooking meals at home 

these two rascals are also going to be huge

the weather....bright sunny days

my crazy family especially the cousins

good ole pops

and of course friends 
i am off to today! 4 1/2 months of summer at home has come and gone and it is time to say goodbye to all the things i have to leave behind until christmas. it is always bitter sweet but i am trying to focus on the fact that it is my last and final time leaving for school in september. on one hand it is always hard to say goodbye to everyone and pack up your little life in one suitcase for another year of studies. but on the other hand i am excited to go back to see great housemates, start my fall shopping and get this final year of school started! 
goodbye barbados see you soon for an amazing christmas xxxx


  1. This post is adorable, I always hate having to leave <3

  2. thanks lidya! thanks for leaving a comment...just took a peek at(and subsequently become a follower of!!) your blog! super cute xxx

  3. I can imagine leaving Barbados is tough for anyone, esp for someone who has so much to leave behind. Great post.... enjoy your time away and know you'll have all of those wonderful things to return to in December!

  4. thanks melissa! it is terribly difficult but i have to think positively xxxx