Monday, 19 September 2011

going gluten and dairy free

i want to eat this 
hi all hope your weekend's were just as amazing as mine! i had an fun filled trip to the city with great friends who i haven't seen in forever and it was so lovely to catch up over sushi and plenty of cocktails. on the down side, however, my body has been in poor shape due to what i think may be too much gluten and dairy products in my life. since i have been back at school i have had such bad stomach pains and heart burn that i am trying to get to the root of the problem through dietary experimentation. 
when it comes to my health i have not been as lucky as others. i am a severe anaphylactic (to all painkillers and anti-inflamatories), i am asthmatic, i have terrible sinus allergies and break out in hives over everything (especially too much alcohol) and i also live with eczema (wow writing it down really is scary). so it would not even surprise me in the least if my body wanted to reject gluten and lactose as well, in fact i am pretty sure it is rejecting at least one of the two. i will be updating you as often as i can on things i will be eating and such and letting you know how the whole withdrawal process is. but my biggest fear of all....what on earth will i do without cheese??? so sad to think about. 


  1. Ally, I have a dairy intolerance and slight gluten intolerance. I find it very easy to live without cheese, although the first few weeks are tough. After a year of no dairy, i can now incorporate small bits of parmesan cheese and chocolate....
    Whole Foods (US, Canada, UK) and Planet Organic (UK) have great selections of non-traditional foods you might want to try... also organic junk food keeps us ladies slim and trim! I am telling you!

    Good luck and keep me posted! Isabelle (Baulu) xoxox

  2. thanks so much Isabelle! so glad to hear i am not alone in this. i will definitely keep the blog updated and let you know how i am feeling, doing, progressing and all that good stuff!!! so ya you should become a follower;) then you can keep updated! but if you have any recipes please share because i am desperately trying to keep it interesting and fun! thanks again!!