Tuesday, 20 September 2011

looking forward to and day one of food challenge

fat pumpkins

salted caramel hot chocolate from starbucks

the changing leaves
yesterday was my very first day gluten, dairy and alcohol free! YIPPEEE
but today was more exciting for me because i went to the supermarket (i spent over an hour there) and bought all sorts of fun things to kick start this lifestyle change. here are a few things that i put in my trolley. 
  • vegan rice cheese...um still not sure about it
  • tofu
  • quinoa
  • vermicelli rice noodles
  • rice crackers
  • beans
but to distract me from thinking about grilled cheese sandwiches and other double trouble dishes (double trouble meaning containing both gluten and dairy....the best kind of food really) i am thinking about more important things like the fact that it is officially fall weather people. bring on the cold gusts of wind and falling red leaves i am totally ready! also had such great feedback from yesterday's post, seems i am not alone with any of these intolerances! feel free to send me recipes would love to experiment!


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