Tuesday, 27 September 2011

i have an addiction sir

there is this scene in sex and the city that has sort of stuck with me forever. it is when carrie is in l.a with the girls and they put her on a non-smoking floor. one night out on the balcony of her room she starts puffing away whilst having a gossip session on the phone. a man down below calls up to confirm once again she is on a non-smoking floor. she calls down to him "i have an addiction sir".
this line, this quote, has always made me laugh. it is exactly what i feel like saying to all the haters who watch me knock back three diet cokes in one day. or to the people who look at me with that condescending look of horror when i purchase one at 9am. I HAVE AN ADDICTION SIR. i also want to tell them, i don't drink coffee or have a glass of wine when i get home. this is my caffeine, my energy, my one tasty thing that has no gluten or dairy. i know i know it is bad for me but guess what.....

did you know it comes in vanilla and cherry flavour too???? this is the most revolutionary idea in the world. 
enjoy your tuesday! 


  1. great post :D! love it, so so funny :)


  2. Love the post Al! But can't believe you are one of 'those' who likes vanilla or cherry coke! Vile things!