Monday, 26 September 2011

monday morning

it is monday morning again! so much to do this week including readings, a proposal, a presentation, work and finally i am heading to the albright knox gallery in buffalo, new york on saturday so all in all a busy week ahead. but i gotta tell you when you have a busy week ahead and all seems like it isn't going to be pulled together in time, there is nothing like a little skype date to keep you sane and happy! this little screenshot of us will having me smiling all week long. 

gluten and dairy free diet update! i am one week in and feel great. my hives have really subsided and i feel a little lighter and seriously less bloated. i have two more weeks to go on this food challenge so i am going to perhaps show you some more recipes coming up this week! but for now i have been eating a lot of beans, rice crackers, vegetables and tea (oh my have i indulged in some tea this week). 


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