Tuesday, 11 October 2011

29 degrees for thanksgiving weekend

home for the day

hello neighbour

styley sister: outfit post

top/pants/belt h&m, shoes aldo, watch michael kors, shades raybans, bracelets links london and tiffany and co

other sister tay tay at home
it's back to school and work day for canadians! hope everyone had a fabulous weekend full of cranberry sauce and stuffing. my thanksgiving weekend actually turned out a little differently than i had anticipated but in the end was quite lovely and included a spontaneous trip to kingston (about 4 hours east of my school), a turkey dinner with friends from home and more. photos are uploaded and ready for tomorrow but here is a little outfit post done by my sister swan neck rebecca
happy tuesday!


  1. beautiful pictures and homes!! glad you had a good weekend!! xoxox

  2. @Emilythanks so much emily! hope you stop by again soon!