Friday, 7 October 2011

turkey weekend in maple syrup land

oh how i have longed for you

sooo after a long week inclusive of writing my first midterm of the year, eating better for my belly (delicious rice pasta spaghetti last night) and discovering the most hilarious new show called up all night for my downtime i am happy to say tgif! i am headed to the big city (of toronto which is large in comparison to tiny little uni city over here) for a weekend with the family, friends and the mall...yes i have a close bond with the shops inside. other exciting details include a wedding dress fitting with an amazing friend and bride-to-be, a gluten/dairy free thanksgiving dinner (recipes are coming i promise), bonding with family i haven't seen in ages and last but not least a little rest before i kick into high gear next week....busy busy week next week! 
also this is my last fall in canada for awhile most likely as it is my last year of school here so i really want to do as many canadian things as possible before i have to thing on the agenda is to definitely go on a little drive up north and see the changing of the leaves....bliss!
have a fab weekend everyone...and if you are canadian what are you doing for turkey weekend??


  1. hi! canada is one of the destinations i'd like to see and you live there huh? enjoy the falling leaves :)

    and i like your blog & start to follow it. and here's mine:

    i'll be very happy if you follow me too :)



  2. that sounds like a blast girly!!! have a great time in toronto! i miss fall soo much, i just moved from the east coast to southern california, so i haven't seen changing leaves or even many pumpkins for that matter!