Wednesday, 19 October 2011

i thought you ought to know....

we are all full of surprises. everyone has those quirky things about them that make them unique. and as this is a blog that has previously been revealing about weird things that i like/do, i thought you ought to know that.....

  1. if i ever have my ipod in my ears, i am normally listening to nicki minaj, lil wayne or drake 
  2. i go to sleep with my hair soaking wet most every night....even though i own a hair dryer it is only for special occasions
  3. i write lists for just about everything 
  4. i squeal at the very sight of a bulldog. on a commercial, in the park wherever, i can't help myself
  5. i am a remote hog....if you are watching television with me you are watching hgtv, tlc or the food network...that is all 
  6. i have a photographic memory
  7. i am pretty much a self admitted nerd. i especially love trivia and pub quiz nights
  8. i have a fear of birds. pigeons and parrots especially creep me out
  9. i sleep with so many pillows. i currently have seven so lots for hugging and tucking between my legs. funny thing is boyfriend only likes one...super convenient for me
  10. i cannot be in silence. my radio is on constantly, i listen to mozart when i study and i have the tv or a movie on whenever. right now i am watching corpse bride
what are some quirky things about you? xxx 


  1. I'd have to agree with the bulldogs! I wanted one so badly but they were so expensive and Nugget was half pug which I also loved! shes still wrinkly haha :) Love that pic!

  2. This cracked me up, prior to listening to 'toddler tunes' (I dont want to talk about it..) I was forever jamming to rap in the car. I also shower at night and go to bed with a wet bun, my straightener is my best friend! And my hubs sleeps with no pillows and I sleep with 4, and am very particular about where each is placed. Too funny! Cute post!

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  4. @Kate @ Daffodilsthanks so much kate! i am so glad that everybody has little quirks too!