Thursday, 13 October 2011

the time has have tea and toast

i am terribly sorry my lovelies i never gave you my update on the gluten/dairy free challenge! it's over...i surrender to wheat. it went really well though....i drew the white flag on sunday before turkey dinner when i realized i wasn't making my own gluten/dairy meal and thus had no choice but to have pie and creamy mash....i didn't want to be rude and not eat anything! but it was really a great experience and i have learned a great lesson from all of this and that is, one must eat everything in moderation or one is certainly going to feel stinky and pooey all the time. so i didn't go crazy and buy all gluten/dairy products in sight at the supermarket, i am still being conscious still eating tons of produce. but one thing i especially missed about taking a temporary leave of absence from deliciousness....was tea and toast. just a lovely regular cup of red rose with a touch of sugar and a dash of milk accompanied by delicious rye toast with butter! i'm currently indulging in them as we regrets about eating them thus far!


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