Friday, 11 November 2011

have you ever known a love like this

this movie looks so moving i almost starting tearing up in the theatre when i saw the trailer. for me it really hits close to home. long distance relationships are one of the most difficult relationships to maintain no matter what situation you are put in. they test the strongest of bonds, healthiest of relationships and happiest of couples. but if you are patient, invested, committed and full of love, oh the satisfaction of it working feels amazing. to all those couples out there who are proving that love can overcome all obstacles keep holding on! and watch this...not sure how it ends but i am hoping with a happy ending! have an amazing weekend xoxo


  1. wow, that looks amazing. My husband and I didnt see eachother for more than 8 days straight until we were married almost a year and a half. (we dated long distance, then after we got married he deployed to Iraq for 14 months). It was crazy, but we made it work and are still living happily ever after!

  2. Ally!

    I saw this too in the theatre and I want to see it so bad! It hit close to home for me too.. David and I did long distance FOREVER.. ugh! I feel your pain! It will soon end!!

  3. @Kate @ Daffodilsoh kate that story is so romantic! i love happy endings...thanks for sharing!