Friday, 11 November 2011

lest we forget

today is november the 11th or remembrance day. 
it is kind of a day of nostalgia for me because it brings back memories of family.
so here is a little family history for ya!
my papa was a world world II vet. 
he snuck his way into the canadian forces and at just 17 he went over to france.
 he was there on d-day. 
my papa saved the life of his best friend norm on the front lines. 
i heard that story what feels like a hundred times as a little girl. 
both my grand-mothers fathers were RAF pilots in world war I. 
one for britain the other for canada. 
pilots on both side! makes me wonder if they ever knew each other? 
wouldn't that have been neat.
they all make me proud.
so today let us take a moment for those who fought for our freedom.


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