Wednesday, 2 November 2011

my rest and relaxation

if i can be really honest, most of the time my r&r is watching television or something that involves me not having to pay a lot of attention because after lectures, the last thing i really want to do is come home and focus intently on anything.
but there is one thing that i will sit down and do to relax and that is paint. ok they are nothing complicated but i really enjoy painting (only trees, cannot get them out of my head) and it is really satisfying afterward, unlike watching television.
 before i came to university i went to college for a year for fine art (can't you tell?) and i pretty much realized when i was there that i was not enjoying myself and i wanted to something else (hence art history) but i still miss it sometimes, especially painting. so this is how i indulge myself when i am missing a brush in my hand.