Tuesday, 20 December 2011

and so the inevitable happened

so ontop of everything that had to be done this week, guess whose student house caught a case of the stomach flu? yes you guessed it, MINE. my lovely roomie schemms had it and i naively assumed that since i take my daily dose of vitamin c i would be a ok. well not so. i woke up yesterday and went...uh oh. so i sat my first two exams just barely and then i was done. i e-mailed the registrar to differ my exam, curled up in the fetal position and prayed to the christmas angels to make me better for the plane ride tomorrow. and the prayers worked. though i am still achy i got the a ok from boyfriends mummy (who is ever so conveniently a doctor) that if i washed my hands plenty and rested up i would be ok. 
i don't think i have ever been as home sick as i have been this semester. i am ever so excited about the flight tomorrow.
happy end of exams and christmas time xox


  1. ugh! sounds down-right awful! Get lots of rest and start feeling better soon!

  2. @Kaethanks kae! i am feeling better and ready for home xox merry christmas!

  3. Hope you feel much better soon!