Sunday, 18 December 2011

the next 48 hours

it is STILL my exam period. i have the worst schedule in the history of schedules. three exams within the next 24 hours (i actually realized i could have changed my timetable. too late must soldier on). i am so hyper and anxious it is ridiculous. making me this way is a combination of things really. 
one, i have consumed 4 litres of diet coke in the last 2 days. this keeps me up all until 5 am no lie. another thing keeping me up and making me bouncy is the absolute uncontrollable excitement of seeing boyfriend in exactly two days. i will tell you that we have not seen each other for 4 horrendously long months and i have constant flutters that keep me from staying still.
i am a teeny tiny stressed about the next week as well. i am so excited to go home but it is a tad daunting the amount of things that need to be done before christmas. eeeeek.
OH and on top of that, i have to pass my biggie. 
so that is my crrent life in a nutshell. 

getting me through the next manic 48 hours until i am on a plane? knowing that i am going to see so many beautiful faces on wednesday. oh and also the picture above. no need to explain why. 


  1. I LOVE that picture.. little scrunch face!
    You will get through it! xo

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