Friday, 20 April 2012

bunco (not bunkle), final exam and lots of coffee

t-shirt: american apparel. bf jeans: abercrombie. scarf: winners. shoes: converse.
nails: essie turquoise and caicos

this week is my last real week of school. tomorrow i will be sitting my last university exam and even though i should be relieved/overjoyed/ecstatic it is a little bitter sweet. it is time to grow up, and i am not sure i am ready or know how exactly... 
this week has been crazy filled with lots of studying, going to work, several ice coffee runs and last night i went to my first bunco party. i kept calling it bunkle, but i assure you it is bunco. we drank sangria, nibbled on treats and stayed up late chatting. it was the perfect way to pre-celebrate the end of studying days. now it is time to settle down and hit the books hard.

it is beautiful weather so have a fab weekend xoxo


  1. I adore this outfit! So cute, yet casual! :) you are stunning too! Following your great blog! xxx

  2. oh i just love your glasses! they are too cute! just found your blog.. enjoying it so far :]