Wednesday, 18 April 2012

ten tips on how to study

i know they are not conventional but these are some things that i do to help me study.

  1. put on a classical music podcast or long playlist that does not have interruptions
  2. work in the library so you do not have distractions
  3. if i need a break i try to do something that is quick. yesterday i took ten minutes to paint my nails (revlon coral me wild to be exact)
  4. go for a walk to get coffee, diet coke or frozen yogurt. it gives me something to look forward to
  5. make dinner and watch a 30 mins show. it's a nice treat to myself
  6. study in groups to bounce ideas off each another
  7. listen to 8tracks (i love covers you'll love)
  8. keep a hot cup of tea or cold diet coke by my side with healthy munchies like carrot sticks or rice cakes to keep me going
  9. turn my phone upside down and on silent for optimal concentration 
  10. avoid facebook as much as is a vortex


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