Wednesday, 11 April 2012

cheers to the weekend

the bunny 

earrings and top: f21. tulle skirt: boutique in barbados

pawty snacks

ice cream birthday cake

delish high tea

exam study food

first exam down. two to go. 
this past weekend was too much fun that i almost forgot i had to come back and study. i am going to at work for the next couple of days and wanted to share my weekend shenanigans with all of you all before then...

wednesday we had a pawwwwwty. there was cake. there were balloons. it was just what this little kid at heart dreamed up. thursday on the other hand was a grown up affair and some chica's and I spent the afternoon at high tea at a beautiful hotel in toronto. friday was a day spent toasting and sipping. my papala (a.k.a dads) flew up and spent a fabulous day downtown toronto that included drinking sauvignon blanc on a sunny patio, shopping for birthday treats and dining at a little bistro (food post obviously must follow). saturday and sunday we just had a little r&r strolling the streets of the city and chowing down on delicious eggs benedict. 

and now its books time 
see you all soon


  1. well, good luck on the exams!!!! and omg I wish I hadn't looked at this post bcuase now my stomach is growling & I'm craving sweets... so much for my bikini body workout regime hahaha. :) anyway, looks like a fabulous party!!! :)

  2. loving the cat eye make up : )

    xo SideSmile,

  3. High tea! :D Looks like fun! Good luck on your exams! xx

  4. What a fun post -- looks like a great weekend! Good luck! xo

  5. ahh so cute
    lovely potos

    <3 Una

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love your skirt! Hope you had a lovely birthday :)

    Laura xo

  7. Chic, Chic baby! do you like the ideea of following each other?;X

    1. following you fashion spot...thank for stopping by xx

  8. Love it darling! following u right now! :X

  9. I love the skirt alllly! next time im in bim take me? :-)