Thursday, 12 April 2012

food baby

this past weekend i ate so well i had to share with you some of the spots hit up. subsequent to the 4 day food binge i am attempting to cleanse my body with fruits, salad and water. so instead of indulging in some cake right now i will simply dream of the food i ate at these fabulous places.

1. beer bistro: this is a cute spot for cozy dining. if you like reasonably priced drinks and gourmet food, this is the place to be. this intimate space offers over a hundred different beer, serve mussel bowls by the minute and whip up fries that have been blanched in duck fat....seriously (they are amazing).

2. daybreak: in the heart of downtown is this wacky little diner that has a passion for serving up all day breakfast on the large side. every order on their extensive menu comes with homefries, toast and two pancakes (there are no options). i opted for the eggs benedict (all egg dishes are served in threes) with a hollandaise sauce out of this world. other favourites include freshly squeezed orange juice and belgium waffles.

3. windsor arms: i could not believe that before last week i (alexandra lewis lover of all things british) had never had high tea. and my first experience at the windsor arms hotel in yorkville was more than what i could have hoped for. i enjoyed two pots (yes two) of a chocolate infused black tea along with wasabi cream cheese finger sandwiches and scones with devon cream. such a fun experience to have with girlfriends.

4. springrolls: if you live in toronto you will know this chain i am sure, but the food they serve is far from your stereotypical "chain like" cuisine. creamy pad thai, flaky beef spring rolls the crispiest calamari i have ever bit into filled my belly and made me one happy customer. other dishes to try are their fresh dragon rolls. yumm

so that's it folks. i hope you are all drooling now and rushing off to the fridge this very moment to indulge in something divine. 

also...any londoners have restaurant suggestions for when i make my move? may need some joints to do "blog research" at when i am over there!


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